The Halgan range of Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT) are designed to capture litter, debris, pollutants, surface oils, hydrocarbons and other suspended contaminants.

The Continuous Separation Screen CSS technology captures contaminants and separates them through the process of deflection. This debris, collected from the stormwater, remains within the trap at the sediment collection sump. This means the treated water that flows out through the trap would be gross pollutant free.

Other models are also available, not featuring a continuous separation screen. The models without a screen are generally used where floatables are not a concern.

The Halgan GPT is designed to treat flow rates up to 80 LPS and can fit pipe sizes up to 630mm, depending on the specific application it is required for.

  • Floatables, litter and sediment capture – Stormwater is treated, capturing gross pollutants and sediment in the storage sump.
  • High-flow bypass allows flows that are above the treatable limit (approximately 80 litres) to bypass the unit. This will allow clean stormwater to leave the unit without being treated after the pollutants, litter and sediment delivered by the first flush have been captured in the GPT unit.
  • Continuous separation screen
  • Easy transport and installation as tanks are made from lightweight high-density polyethylene, allowing easy manoeuvring
  • Treatable flow rates up to 80 litres per second
  • High density polyethylene light weight tanks
  • Pipe sizes up to 630mm
  • Council work depot
  • Road side drains
  • Car parks
  • Shopping precincts
  • Commercial zones
  • Pre-retention treatment
  • Recreational grounds
  • Beaches and parks

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