Halgan environmental, has developed a wide range of full retention Oil Water Separators. These devices capture oils, fuels and light liquid from a range of applications, as well as suspended solids and sediment for a wide range of flows.

These have been designed to take washdown from commercial and industrial applications as well as from stormwater. Depending on the specific project, capacity can be calculated according to maximum treatable flow or the maximum volume of light liquids and sediments to capture.

Oil Water Separators are available in one or two chamber versions and are designed as per European Standard BS EN 858.1. 2002, to produce a quality effluent of 5mg/L of total petroleum hydrocarbons. Treatable flow rates range up to 100 litres per second. Pipe sizes range from 100mm to 450mm.

• Gravity operated unit, with no moving parts; thereby, making maintenance easier
• Coalescing elements – Allows small light liquid droplets to merge and combine into larger droplets with greater buoyancy. This allows it to remain trapped in the separator to allow for a quality effluent of 5mg/litre or less
• Hydraulically designed and engineered inlet which aids in calming and evenly dispersing the incoming wastewater while preventing fire and inflammable vapours from passing through to the drainage system
• The specially designed outlet allows the cleaned wastewater to exit the separator while retaining the separated sludge, oils or fuels
• Single or dual-chamber options are available, depending on the required treatment. In order to retain light liquid at different inflow rates, for retaining Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Sediment as sludge, Oil and Grease (O&G) and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)
• An Optional automatic closure device is capable of shutting off the separator in case the accumulation of light liquid reaches a predetermined threshold. This is done to prevent light liquids exiting the separator in case of a spill

• Mechanical workshops
• Refueling stations
• Vehicle washing bays
• Transmission stations
• Car detailing
• Refineries
• Service stations

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