Halgan Environmental also does a range of larger size pump stations.

We also offer dual or triplex packaged pumping stations fitted at the factory with a control panel and alarm, with options for fitting vortex, drainage cutter or grinder pumps.

Halgan Environmental can offer design assistance in order to identify the correct model required each time. We can also offer support in sizing the package pumping station in order to get the best performance out of the product.

• Vertical or horizontal configurations
• Range of sizes up to 20,000 litres vertical and 30,000+ litres in a horizontal configuration
• Dual or triplex options
• Control Panels with Building Management System (BMS) option
• A high-level alarm and valve box are optional features
• Guide rails for servicing
• Controlled by pump switches or a pressure transducer
• Sewer, Stormwater and grease pump models

• Large Sewer pumping applications
• Pumping to mains connections
• Storm water pumping
• Sewer pumping
• Grease pumping

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