Halgan Environmental sediment traps have been designed to reduce Total suspended solids (TSS) and Biochemical oxygen demand over a period of 5 days (BOD5). This is useful in applications with high levels of organic matter, which require a large amount of dissolved oxygen to enable bacteria to consume organic matter.

These sediment traps are sized depending on the daily inflow of wastewater. The traps consist of several chambers in succession, flowing by gravity. The process begins with the sedimentation chamber which is fitted with internal baffles designed to capture heavy sediment in the form of sludge along with a high percentage of total suspended solids. It is also equipped with a Surge Control Device (SCD) that acts as a filter and flow regulator for reaching the next chamber. The second chamber allows for additional detention and for aeration processes to take place and foster bacterial development to consume organic matter and reduce the level of Biochemical Oxygen Demand.

Additional chambers can be added for pH dosing or any other pollutant correction required with the process, as required local authorities.

• Vertical or horizontal configurations
• Dual or triplex options
• Range of sizes 20,000 litres vertical and 30,000+ litres in a horizontal configuration
• Controlled by pump switches or a pump transducer
• Guide rails for servicing
• Control panels with building management systems (BMS)
• Optional high-level alarm and valve box

• Bakeries
• Abattoirs
• Breweries
• Catering and hospitality
• Dairy

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